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Health and personal care are two of the main concerns for Spaniards. Here in Acesur we are sensitive to these concerns and in order to provide the most in-depth information we have launched a website dedicated to nutrition, health and personal care, taking advantage of the qualities of olive oil.

La Española Health was createdto be a site providing information about news relating to nutrition and health. There is also a section where you can inform yourself about the benefits to be obtained through consuming olive oil and the different varieties of the same.

Those who love detailed dietary information will find in La Española Health nutritional tables aimed at: children (those between 3 and 12 years old), older people, 50 years and upwards, celiacs, fitness fanatics, dieters or people monitoring their cholesterol levels.

In addition to reports and news, La Española Health aims to provide experts, such as our R and D director, Jesús Jiménez, with a forum in which to express their views via its opinion columns, or through interviews with, among others, doctor Ramón Estruch, Coordinator of the PREDIMED study, bringing together the main groups researching nutrition and cardiovascular disease. Finally, there are also anecdotes and pearls of wisdom in our ‘Did you know…’ section and healthy recipes.

This project has the support of institutions such as the Spanish Heart Foundation, the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, and the Federation of Associations for Celiacs in Spain. This portal was created with the intention of assisting the general public, it also has aFacebook profile: La Española Salud, and a Twitter account: @LaEspanolaSalud to bring its content to all interested parties.

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