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Step 1 – Harvest

3 different methods can be employed:
Shaking or vibrating the branches

Step 2 – Transport

They must arrive at the oil mill within 24 hours

Step 3 – In the oil mill

Milling:  We grind and break up the olive to allow us to draw out the oil it contains.
Malaxation:  We malaxe the paste obtained in the mill to assist the extraction of oil.
Centrifuge:  By rotating the pulp at a high speed, we separate the marc, water and oil according to their different densities./p>

Step 4 – Preservation

The olive oil must be preserved in storage in inert material, protecting it from its great enemies: high temperature and light.

Step 5 – Packaging

Positioning of the bottle, glass blowing, filtration, filling, sealing, labelling, and storage.

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