La Española Sevilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains manzanilla variety olive oil. Manzanilla is well-known as a table olive, its high content of oil makes it very suitable for any olive oil mill.

The 'Manzanilla' extra virgin olive oil can be recognized because of the golden color and shiny look. It has a very fruity flavor, reminding of the taste of table olives.

This variety is typically from Seville, although it can also be found in Badajoz (south west of Spain).

La Española Malaga extra Virgin Olive Oil contains hojiblanca variety, which can be found in Andalusia, to be precise in the east of the province of Seville, the south of Cordoba and all of the north of the province of Malaga, in the south of Spain.

This variety has an enormous range of flavors, but the most common are sweet at the beginning of the tasting, with a fresh, grassy, fruity aroma, a slightly bitter !avor of green fruit and other fruits that sometimes recall a fruit cocktail, slightly peppery in the throat and a final almond aftertaste.

The name (from the Spanish "hoja", leaf, and "blanca", white) comes from the color of the leaf's under side, making the tree look bright, and, from a distance, silver. 

La Española Granada Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains Picual variety, which is the most important in the world, representing 50% of Spain's olives and trees and, therefore, approximately 20% world-wide.

Its geographic location is clearly linked to Andalusia, the main producing region in the world, and specifically to the provinces of Jaen, Cordoba and Granada.

This cultivar is given different names depending on the producing area, but its main name, Picual (from the Spanish root "pico", meaning "peak"), comes from the shape of the drupe, as it is like a swollen teat ending in a point.

The taste of this variety has a great body, normally bitter, with a fresh and pleasant ‘woody’ flavor.

La Española Madrid Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fruity cornicabra variety, which is cultivated around the provinces of Toledo and Ciudad Real in the community of Castilla la Mancha (center of Spain). Its name ("one-horned goat") comes from the characteristic horn-shape of its fruit.

Cornicabra oils are fruity and have a noticeable balance between sweet at first, the bitterness of green leaves and a medium-intense peppery flavor. Their texture is smooth and velvety.

La Española Barcelona Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fruity flavor and fresh aroma arbequina variety obtained in areas located in the northern Spain.

This is one of the best known Spanish cultivars, it’s very popular because of exquisitive flavor with traces of tomatoes and vegetable gardens, the aroma reminds of fresh artichokes. They are also fruity with certain exotic aroma. A fresh apple smell, accompanied by a certain mildness and sweetness, identifies the oils, with a final aftertaste of green almonds.