The Spanish woman of today

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The Spanish woman of today gets up very early and doesn’t stop until nightfall, taking care of her family and being professional and meticulous in her work. She has the full support of her family, and barely a moment for herself yet she does all this charged with vitality and a smile on her face.

We wanted to provide our small tribute to the Spanish woman of today, of course, with a touch of humour, in a fun animated videowhich you can find here:

In two minutes, we wanted to give a crazy reflection of the adventures and challenges of a Spanish mother through her day to day life: getting up in a good mood and making breakfast for her children, giving her best in the office, shopping at the supermarket, even being abducted by aliens, attracted by the aroma of olive oil which she had just bought.

With humour and good vibes we recognize the sacrifices Spanish women make today, they are the realforcepowering our country. The Spanish woman of today has our products as true allies in her kitchen, helping make her day both tastier and healthier.

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