Eating over the Internet

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The advent of social networks have revolutionized world cuisine. Today, we cannot even think of tasting a good dish without first sharing it over the social networks. This trend has become so widespread that it is almost as if we haven’t shared, we haven’t eaten.

With this new form of sharing cuisine all our networks are filled with pictures of dishes both from restaurants and cooked up at home, and browsing Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter without salivating is becoming more difficult by the day.

The Spanish have always enjoyed good food, we are proud of our cuisine and we have become the most demanding foodies. For this reason, we love to share our chosen dishes with our contacts together with our opinion of the establishment in question.

As a result, many portals have emerged to assist us in our everyday lives, both to choose a restaurant, or should we decide to don an apron and get our hands dirty, in the kitchen at home.

So you’ve just left the cinema and don’t know where to have supper? Yelp gives you recommendations for the restaurants nearest to your location, the type of food served and customer reviews. In short, a quick and effective way in which to have an enjoyable experience dodging unpleasant surprises.
Eating Over The Internet

Such has been the impact of this new way of enjoying cuisine, that the restaurants themselves now encourage their customers to share their opinions over the various networks.

Well, we are not going to be left behind! Today we ate La Española style, and of course, we want to share it with you.

Here’s our pasta salad!

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