Cooking Spanish style in Miami

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Spanish cuisine delivers flavours of the motherland to Miami, Florida, a city with a large Hispanic population. Stateside, they still have unfinished businessand need toincrease their awareness of the Mediterranean diet, and what better way to do this than by using Spanish products?

The Extenda office in Miami and the Spanish Tourism Agency organised a live cooking show featuring 40 prestigious attendees including journalists, editors and bloggers, who came to savour the latest Mediterranean cuisine trends and flavours with the collaboration of La Española extra virgin olive oilLa Gitana wine, 5 Jotas ham and the olive oil tortas of Inés Rosales. They first tasted all these products separately and later enjoyed the best pairings, thanks to the good work of chef Jonathan Lane, of the Traymore Restaurant.

The United States venerates Spanish cuisine,it respects our artists of the kitchen and knows that the 170 restaurants in our country with a Michelin star are not the only places where you can eat well. Spanish cuisine is perceived as being healthy and of the highest quality, an art to delight the senses.

Interactive Cooking Shows‘ are increasingly popular, and not only in the United States, but also in Spain, where the best quality products are used to demonstrate more innovative or traditional cooking techniques, depending on the occasion. In Seville, the Foodies Club offers advanced cooking classes using top chefs, for the very best cuisine using first-rate products. Are you a ‘foodie’? Pay us a visit, enjoy, and learn (but only if you have an appetite).

Photos courtesy of YamilaLomba

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