Chiquito and Chicote: shared smiles

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La Española is a taste we share every day. With our families, friends and colleagues… The taste of life, something that unites us, something we share. Something also shared by Chiquito de la Calzada and Alberto Chicote, the stars of La Española’s campaign. Not only flavour, but also smiles shared with Chiquito, Chicote, and the entire film crew.
Chicote and Chiquito, two people who apparently have little in common, but joined by a taste and their love of what is ours. We met them in Madrid, on a hot Monday morning. From early on both Chiquito and Chicote were raring to go, in the midst of the bustle of cameras, lighting, props, and all the other paraphernalia that a shoot entails, the two actors were relaxed, getting to know each other a little better before appearing together in front of the camera.
Small, 82 years young, Chiquito is cheerful and ready to work. He hardly talks, rather he’s cracking jokes, one after the other, and he knows how to extract a funny anecdote from every story. Chicote, on the other hand, is the consummate TV pro; he helps his partner and dispenses advice on the recipes that will be part of the campaign. They make a perfect team.
Repeating shots time and time again looking to strike the perfect note without their characters losing their spontaneity, meanwhile their laughter is contagious and the film crew finds that the usually tedious day of shooting has become significantly more light-hearted.
Thus, between “Do you know” and “By the glory of my mother!” the day flies past. However, do not take my word for it; see it for yourselves in the two-minute Making Of with the final take at the end. Today we bring you, our taste,and the taste we share.

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